15 Affordable Email Marketing Solutions for Small Business

One of the biggest challenges facing any small business is the need to entice and capture new customers while maintaining a strong relationship with their current customers.

A comprehensive email solution can provide the perfect means to connect with your customers and maintain that critical relationship -- but at what cost?

Fortunately, there a number of low-cost email solutions that can help your business build and maintain the strong customer relationships that will give your business the strong bottom line it needs to succeed.

How Does Revenue Sharing Drive Performance Marketing?

Any small business looking for growth needs marketing to accomplish that goal. There is only one problem: working with advertising professionals can be expensive, and is often difficult to afford on an already limited budget.

For countless startups, working with an ad agency is out of the question. Pricing models dictate minimum spends that are simply unaffordable. But what if you only have to spend money that is guaranteed to bring a positive return on investment?

Who is a Good Fit for Mautic?

You’ve recently learned about the benefits of marketing automation. You explored a few different marketing automation solutions, but before you pick one, you need to answer one of the most important questions: is this solution a good fit?

Often this question is difficult to answer without trying out the product, but by then you’ve made the commitment, and have likely locked yourself into an agreement — so it helps to get advice from someone who has experience with the platform.

Why Open-Source Makes Marketing Automation Better

Small businesses face a big challenge: Balancing a limited budget with the necessity of spending for growth.

To stay afloat, businesses need to bring in new customers and keep old customers. However, it's not enough to have a static website or send out a few emails a year.

Businesses of every size must be consistent in their marketing communications and make sure they speak to each prospect, lead and customer at the right moment — with the right message.

With a limited workforce, this is a major challenge to small businesses. It's just too time consuming.

How to Define Your Digital Strategy with an Inspiration Board

Most businesses, whether big or small, have an online presence — whether that’s a website, social media accounts or some combination of the two.

While it’s easy to create these spaces, the challenge becomes maintaining a unified image across all of the online platforms.

This can be especially challenging for new organizations who are still trying to pinpoint this image and their digital strategy — they aren't sure what will work best so they try a few things out.