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How We Champion Value-Driven Development for

Do you struggle to make development decisions that deliver value for your business? You’re not alone. From small business to enterprise, companies often fail to quantify and qualify projected investments and returns for their product roadmaps. Companies will fear shooting darts in the dark no longer. With our process for quantifying development ROI, learn how to shoot for the bulls-eye.

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How to Find The Best Drupal Development Company For You

Finding a well-matched Drupal development company is like betting on a horse.

First you have to understand your own company’s temperament for which kind of race to bet on. Are you looking for a thoroughbred well-suited to the rigor of a sprinting flat race? Or are you looking for a horse who can take you through the steeplechase?

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RingCentral SSO: 10 Easy Steps Are All You Need to Enable

RingCentral provides an amazing suite of telephony tools that allow companies like ourselves to scale as we expand our client base. It’s one of the many tools we use to ensure we get the job done.

However, when we were ready to enable single sign-on (SSO) for RingCentral, we ran into some snares. In an effort to save you from pulling out your hair, here are our 10 steps set up single sign-on with Google Apps:

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How to Empower Your Leads and Schedule More Sales Meetings

When it come to sales, the name of the game is communication. The better you are at communicating value with potential customers, the more likely they are to buy.

It is important to remember three things:

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How to Deliver Value as a Surrogate Product Owner

At Facet, we take on other people’s products and treat them as our own. You can call us a surrogate product owner if you’d like, but the wares we sell aren’t so important as the methods we use. From the name of our service, you can probably tell it is somewhat of a “loaded" offering: Product Owner as a Service (POaaS). Product owners do a lot to steer and drive their development team and their entire organization toward one cohesive product solution. You might think: how can you possibly move the needle for companies better than in-house product owners?