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Firing Up the Furnace: Inside Axelerant's Rebranding

Have you ever wondered what voodoo magic goes into a rebranding? With our recent work with Axelerant, we are ready to prove to you that the answer is…none!

There’s a lot of hard science behind the choices we have been making with Axelerant. We believe that customers engage with your company based on how valuable they perceive your brand. To sell business to medium enterprises up to Fortune 1000s, you have to dress the part.

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Agile Marketing: What Is It And What It Can Do For You

Agile marketing may sound sleek, shiny, and sexy, but does it live up to its hype? In a society where compact and faster with high-caliber output is not only in demand, but expected, marketers cautiously tread between value and accessibility in the marketplace. Factor in the average consumer’s attention span of five seconds, and you may end up with a very complicated equation to appease the fickle buyer.

How do you create and efficient and impressive campaign for an audience whose preferences and buying choices spiral in all directions?

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10 Reasons to Start Development with a Discovery Workshop

Leverage 10 insights about the value of Discovery Workshops before starting your next web development project!

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Leveraging Slack Attachments via Webhooks with PHP

The year of 2016 is a year of continuous integration. At Facet, we have some initiatives in order to drive more visibility with our development team, surface sales pipelines, and also gain timely insights to our client's marketing campaigns. Webhooks are quickly becoming pervasive throughout many platforms online, and finally this week I had the opportunity to take a look at one of our targeted Webhooks in Pantheon's Quicksilver platform hook system. 

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How To Set Up Pantheon Quicksilver Notifications for Slack

You’re right, this isn’t rocket science, and Pantheon’s Quicksilver documentation is pretty damn good.