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How to Escape Hidden Pitfalls with Agile Discovery

A discovery workshop is a waterfall step used as an exercise in measuring uncertainties. Value driven development is the future.

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Discovery 101: Common Terms in Discovery Workshops

Common terms used in Discovery workshops for requirements engineering.

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5 Steps for Crafting Engagement Strategy in Discovery

The role of marketers is changing, and has been for a while. In the past, communications were the focus—now, top CMOs will tell you that marketing is all about engagement. When considering a new site build, you might have stakeholders from as little as 2 to as many as 100 different departments all asking for their features to be built into the new website—and you have to manage and deliver on their expectations.

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9 Steps for Discovery Workflow

Since discovery workflow varies based on the complexity of your project, check to see whether your project is a David or a Goliath before getting started.

Once you’ve identified and sized-up your project, your discovery process strategy can come to life. The [breakpoints] detailed below will help you to identify the difference between tactics targeted for David or Goliath in the following steps.

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2 Essential Discovery Strategies

Clients and partners often ask us: What’s your workflow for Discovery? How do you determine the best approach to a specific project?

We tailor our approach for each project, all while using overarching principles to based on complexity. The two-pronged approach is akin to sizing up your opponent as either a David or a Goliath.