10 Biotech Blog Ideas to Boost Your Content Marketing

What does your product actually do?

Any startup in the biotech and life sciences space will be familiar with this question. Let's be honest: the biggest challenge in growing your business in this industry tends to be educational.

If you cannot convince investors and potential customers about both your uniqueness and your worth, you may as well pack it up.

Fortunately, marketing challenges are far from marketing impossibilities. Educating your audiences about the exact nature and benefits of your product is absolutely possible--you just have to know how.

That's where content marketing enters the equation. The strategy's innate focus on educational content designed to promote your brand more subtly through educational and credibility-boosting content is a perfect fit for the industry. To help get you started in building a content marketing strategy designed to grow brand exposure and your business, here are 10 content topic ideas for your biotech startup.

5 Biotech Blog Topic Ideas to Attract Consumers

If your biotech product is consumer-facing, your content marketing has to take a very specific tone. To break through, educational content is even more important than in any other situation. Build your credibility with these 5 ideas.

1) How [Customer] Used [Product] to Change Her Life

Do you want to know the single best way to convince potential customers about the value and worth of your product? Use social proof. Testimonials and peer reviews are scientifically proven to work, as they add a degree of third-party credibility no statement from you could even approach.

If your problems in reaching your audience are educational, put your product in a concrete situation. Profile a current customer who has benefited from it, highlighting just why it makes sense for others to try it as well. Of course, you should get both permission and testimonials from any customer you're looking to profile.

2) The Science Behind 5 of Your Favorite Everyday Items

Not every item in your content marketing strategy has to be about your product. Sometimes, all your customers need is reassurance of your scientific expertise. So why not bring biotech a little closer to them by profiling the scientific backgrounds of everyday items they use?

Laundry detergents, for example, contain enzymes responsible for washing the clothes. Explaining how processes like that work helps you take your own product from abstract theory to practical application.

3) Not Your Average Einstein: Meet Our Scientists

As the Boston Globe pointed out recently, a majority of Americans actually don't personally know a scientist. That, in turn, has led to plenty of stereotypes and images of scientist as aloof Einstein-like figures that cannot be trusted with business and practical applications.

As someone who works with scientists every day, you know that's not true. Now is your chance to convince your audience of the same thing, by highlighting your team of scientists in a humanized, approachable way.

4) The Beginner's Guide to Biotech

For some consumers, even the word biotech tends to be confusing. If they don't know the industry in which you operate, they'll be hard-pressed to listen to you describe your product and benefits within that industry.

A guide like that should aim to change that fact. Start with a simple definition, along with practical examples of biotech in everyday lives such as the laundry detergent example above. Then, subtly shift focus into your particular niche to explain exactly what you're producing, and how it can help.

5) Life Sciences in the News: What You Need to Know

When you're enveloped in the industry, you're probably aware of the constant stream of biotech news that emerge every day. You may not even notice when some of them break through the clutter and into national attention.

But when they do, consider it your opportunity to expand your reach. Now, you can use your expertise in the space to explain exactly how life sciences impact your target audience.

5 Biotech Blog Topic Ideas Designed for Business Customers

Of course, educational content still matters for business customers. But more than anything else, your goal is to break through the wall of exposure put up by industry giants. The below 5 topic ideas give you a chance to do just that.

6) How to Determine the Quality of a Biotech Product

If your biggest hurdle in attracting business customers is increasing your credibility, this type of topic can play a large part in helping you overcome it. Help your audience understand exactly how to distinguish a legitimate product with tangible benefits from just another startup destined to go nowhere. What markers and benchmarks are important to determine whether a product they're about to buy is actually high-quality and legitimate?

7) Understanding the Impact of Certifications in Biotech

When you sell any type of biotech product to business clients, you have to be sure you outline all of the certifications and safety standards followed. But does your audience actually know what they mean?

This post is your opportunity to answer your own question with an emphatic yes. Explain the importance of industry standards, and how your business meets them. You'll not only highlight your product as high-quality, but also add to your audience's understanding of the industry.

8) Case Study: The Story of [Existing Client]

Think of a case study as the business version of the above personal story. Like that example, case studies are successful in B2B marketing because they add third-party credibility to your claims. Of course, your job is to highlight that credibility through supporting facts and statistics.

A simple rule applies for any type of case study: the more in-depth, the better. If you can dive deeply into the success of an existing client thank to your product, your message can become significantly more impactful. In addition, you can extract individual elements, visuals, and statistics from the study for infographics, blog posts, and more.

9) The Ideas Behind the Price of Biotech Products

Especially when you're first starting out, you probably cannot compete with larger competition in terms of price. That, in turn, may result in budget-conscious customers to turn to alternatives more closely aligned with their monetary needs.

Of course, the same process may occur because your potential customers simply think you are looking for higher margins than your competition. To prevent that from being the case, use this type of topic to explain why biotech products are actually priced the way they are. The more transparent you are, the less questions you'll have to answer later--and the more likely even budget-conscious members of your audience will be likely to give your product a try.

10) Your Biotech News Roundup for [Day/Week]

In content marketing, curation can be particularly powerful. Rather than having to come up with all content on your own, you can leverage the expertise of others to establish your website as a go-to resource for any businesses interested either in biotech as a whole or your industry niche in particular.

A weekly or daily roundup allows you to keep your content relevant and timely without having to write every single piece yourself. Research also shows it to enhance your company's brand visibility, thought leadership, SEO, web traffic, and buyer engagement

Building the Content Behind the Headline

All of the above 10 topic ideas are a great way to get audiences in the biotech space interested in your product. At the same time, they are just that: ideas and headlines. Without substantial and valuable content behind them, they won't help much in growing your business.

Building the actual content is a natural necessity for content marketing success. Given the most successful blog posts are above 1,500 words in length, it's vital to not just find the right headline, but come up with content that leaves your audience satisfied after reading it.

In addition, of course, each of your pieces of content should be connected in a single, consistent strategy that spans your entire digital presence. For help in that regard, and to build beautiful content that is sure to maximize your biotech company's exposure and growth, contact us.