We’re on a mission to help you waste less time.

Facet Interactive is a holistic digital business consultancy that guides companies through digital transformation.

We focus on optimizing the four foundations of growth—analytics, tooling, process, and automation—to engineer organizational change across sales, marketing, operations, and web development teams.

We scale revenue by digitally transforming organizations: assessing areas of your business for the right digital foundations to support growth, then automating solutions to reduce overhead, and finally handing the process back to your in-house team.

How do we see time wasted?

Business processes which needlessly create more manual labor overhead, without properly integrating technology, create long-term operational inefficiencies.

We seek to integrate technology solutions with the right analytical insights, process, and automation to scale your business consistently—thereby enabling you to waste less time working, and spend more time living.

Digital Foundations Philosophy

Our proven approach to optimize your business — digitally.

1. Analytics. Integrated data analytics geared for learning.
2. Tooling. Tooling that works for you, not against you.
3. Process. Processes engineered for growth.
4. Automation. Without automation, growth costs blood, sweat, and tears.
5. Organization Engineering. Organizations drive their own evolution.

Our Core Tenets

Growth - Clear data insights and models for repeatable success are our keys to growth.
Over-communicate - We’re only as good as the knowledge we share with others.
Overanalyze - The data you don’t have is just as important as data you see. We model for success and mind the gap between what expected and unexpected outcomes.
Peers, Not Peons - Our culture is defined by the partners with which we surround ourselves.
Leverage Ideas, Not Time - We seek to waste less time by building the future processes of tomorrow. We ceaselessly seek to answer the question: if this was fixed tomorrow, what would it look like?
Locally Optimize, Globally Innovate - Through data insights and analysis we can find local maximums in performance, but to grow to new heights we must continuously test innovative ideas.
EXTREME OWNERSHIP - We seek to empower all team members to own their projects and maximize cross-functional skill sets.