We're on a mission to help you waste less time

Facet Interactive is a digital strategy agency focused on helping companies waste less time acquiring new revenue streams.

We tailor-fit our digital processes to scale companies from single-channel marketing strategies into a multi-channel marketing engine.

We scale revenue by iteratively developing new marketing strategies, automating solutions to reduce overhead, and handing the process back to your in-house team.

Test. Rinse. Repeat. Grow.

How do people waste time?

  • We've seen companies spend 4 months of budget on a campaign, only to ultimately give up and cut their losses. Data could have shown the campaign really needed 8 months to succeed.
  • We've seen teams spend endless hours trapped in analysis paralysis looking at too much data when they should have been focused on key performance indicators localized to the campaign.
  • We've seen employees spend hours working on projects that never see the light of day.

How do we waste less time?

As your business matures, there is a lot to consider—business initiatives, marketing strategies and customer retention efforts are more complex than ever.

We believe the key to success is in setting up the right framework. Understanding your goals, break-even points, and time to return-on-investment are what make or break campaigns. Once we understand those metrics, we must track them. After all, if it can’t be measured, it can’t be proven.

We strive to create the world’s largest marketing intelligence solution, empowering our partners to make better strategic business and marketing decisions through the power of automated and integrated intelligence.

Our Core Tenets

1. Growth

Clear data insights and models for repeatable success are our keys to growth.

2. Over-communicate

We’re only as good as the knowledge we share with others.

3. Overanalyze

The data you don’t have is just as important as data you see. We model for success and mind the gap between expected and unexpected outcomes.

4. Peers, Not Peons

Our culture is defined by the partners with which we surround ourselves.

5. Leverage Ideas, Not Time

We seek to waste less time by building tomorrow's processes. We ceaselessly seek to answer the question: if this was fixed tomorrow, what would it look like?

6. Locally Optimize, Globally Innovate

Through data insights and analysis we can find local maximums in performance, but to grow to new heights we must continuously test innovative ideas.

7. Extreme Ownership

We seek to empower all team members to own their projects and maximize cross-functional skill sets.

How Can We Help You Waste Less Time?