How to Take Biotech Marketing to the Next Level with Mautic

The healthcare industry has rapidly changed over the past few years. New legislation has altered the landscape of medical care and technology.

And it's not just this. The days of the door-to-door salesman are also coming to an end. People and organizations have moved online. They want to learn about new products online and they want to buy them online.

The combination of these two major shifts have created a completely new atmosphere for healthcare and biotech companies around the globe.

One key to saving money and time during this trying time is automation. Marketing automation for healthcare technology is one area where companies can create major savings.

What's So Special About Marketing Automation?

When a company is looking at implementing new technologies into their business practices, they first need to know if it's worth it. With marketing automation, the numbers don't lie.

Focus Research found 44% of companies see a return on investment from marketing automation within the first 6 months. This percentage increases to 75% after a year of marketing automation use.

Bulldog Solutions found companies that utilize marketing automation see a 54% increase in quota achievement, as well as 70% faster sales.

But increased sales and ROI aren't the only benefits of marketing automation:

  • Higher conversion rate of marketing responses into marketing-qualified leads
  • More sales-ready leads at a lower cost
  • The capability to measure objectives for individual campaigns
  • Reduced marketing overhead
  • Ability to lead score
  • Communication with customers through their preferred method

How Can Marketing Automation Benefit Biotech Firms?

While all of the above benefits can be of great use to healthcare technology and biotech firms, there are much deeper benefits to having marketing automation for this unique industry.

Marketing automation addresses one of the most challenging aspects of marketing: the segmented audience.

Because of the products and services medical technology companies provide, at any given time their audience could include anyone from the general public to surgeons to investors.

These groups communicate in very different ways and have very different needs — the same message may not resonate with both.

Marketing automation allows companies to segment their contacts and personalize emails and other communication so they say the right thing to the right person.

When it comes to healthcare, many people are highly skeptical of new technology. For this reason, products and services need to be proven.

However, there is a balance to be struck. Firms need to inform without overselling. They need to be specific without boring or confusing their audience.

This is where marketing automation comes in.

Each individual's movements through social media and on a firm's website can be tracked: what they download, how long they linger on a page, what hashtags they're using.

Mautic tracks biotech marketing leads.

This information can then be boiled down to help marketers develop successful drip campaigns.

If a lead reads a certain article on the website, they should be sent an email with a certain set of information. If a lead arrived at the site from a specific source, they should be sent an email with a different set of information. With this campaign, firms can avoid overselling while they provide prospects with the exact information they need and want.

What Is Mautic?

Mautic is an open-source marketing automation platform.

Mautic for Biotech Marketing

It enables you to track interactions and leads through social media, create unique landing forms and landing pages, send emails and text messages, track website usage, and integrate CRMs and other systems into the platform. These capabilities all combine to achieve the end goal of enriching a contact list within the platform so marketing communication can be personal and effective.

The program starts with a quick download and setup process. Users are then able to  integrate their other software and begin the automated marketing process.

1. Contact Management

Manage Biotech Marketing Leads

A good place to start is the 'People Directory', or contact list. The customers and leads you already have can be imported. Then you decide what fields you want inside of each contact. It might just be name and email, or it might include location, age, gender, marital status and so on.

2. Comprehensive Analytics

Comprehensive analytics

This list is also connected to your website, so as unknown individuals explore your website, they are stored. It keeps track of how long people remain on the website, which pages they visit, and any aspect they are specifically interested in.

3. Customizable Form Builder

Customizable form builder

Unknown visitors can turn into known visitors through landing pages you create in the platform. You may use the landing page to offer a downloadable tool or you might just use it as an outright contact information collection page.

When site visitors enter their name and email, and possibly other information, into the form, it is then transferred to and stored in your contact list.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social monitoring

The contact list can also be connected to your social media platforms. Through Mautic, you are then able to have an overview of all social media interactions in one place. In addition, you can gain extra information about your contacts, such as their interests.

Mautic works to aggregate keywords, hashtags and social mentions to build your lead list.

5. Campaign Management And Email Marketing

Campaign management

Users are able to develop trigger-based and drip campaigns. For every decision a website visitor or contact makes, there is an automated response personalized for their needs and their position in the sales funnel.

These automated responses are enriched through the continuous development and betterment of the contact list, as well as through analytics that the platform also provides.

What Makes Mautic Special?

There are several marketing automation programs available, but Mautic has a convenient combination of benefits that really makes it stand out.

1. Mautic is free.

This is incredibly valuable to companies that are on a tight budget or companies who are skeptical about the ROI that they will get from automated marketing.

2. Mautic is user friendly.

It is not a complicated platform to understand. Every process is customizable, yet simple.

3. Mautic is comprehensive.

Users don't need to worry about downloading Mautic and then having to purchase or download other programs in order for the platform to perform. It's all there.

How Can Mautic Improve Biotech Marketing?

While biotech firms can use automated marketing for their general, everyday marketing to investors, hospitals, doctors, and the general public, one unique use of this technology could be to use automation during trade shows.

Trade shows are a time where healthcare technology and biotech firms get their chance to outshine the competition. The events are typically costly and time consuming, so it is even more important to generate leads and get positive ROI.

This is where marketing automation comes in.

Before the show: You can develop a campaign to encourage clients and prospects to attend the event. With a landing page, you can offer an incentive to attend a product demonstration or case study presentation.

At the show: Have a kiosk tablet where prospects can enter their information, which will then be directly imported into your platform's contact directory.

After the show: Allow Mautic to prioritize your leads through its point system, then segment the list based on who the leads are, what they are interested in and what they do.

Some of the leads should simply be sent a thank you email and bits of valuable information. Other leads can be put into an educational drip campaign.

As these campaigns progress and more information is gathered on the leads, you can begin to decipher who the hottest leads are and how and when they should be contacted to complete their journey through the sales funnel.

Marketing in the biotech and healthcare technology industry is no longer what it used to be. Biotech marketing requires more precision, more personalization, and more valuable interaction than ever before.

For this reason, marketing automation for biotech firms is essential. Mautic provides this, as well as continuously enriching your leads and contact list and allowing you to know when and how to contact individuals effectively.