How Your Business Can Stop Struggling to Grow

You want your small business to grow. In fact, you are doing everything imaginable—working long hours, brainstorming marketing strategies, and learning how to build a PPC campaign. Yet, you continue to feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

The digital marketing strategies you’ve invested time and money into aren’t working. Or, perhaps you have no clue where to look to see if they are.

This is a problem many single owners and small- to medium-sized enterprises face as they grow their business.

You are not alone.

What you need is a data-driven approach to marketing. You need clear and defined processes that make success repeatable, make simple tasks automated, and make your life easier.

You are not alone.

Single owners and small- to medium-sized enterprises, like yourself, often hit a wall when it comes to marketing strategies.

They understand their business, products and services, but aren’t aware of the nuances behind implementing marketing strategies that expand their reach and boost conversions.  

We’ve seen small businesses stumble through missed marketing opportunities and fail to capitalize on the insights digital data affords them.

Missed Opportunities in Marketing

  • You have marketing strategies in place, but you don’t know why you’re not seeing results.
  • You rely heavily on a single marketing channel instead of leveraging a multi-channel strategy.
  • You don’t have a marketing strategy at all because you don’t think it’s a good use of your time.

Missed Opportunities in Data

  • You don’t have methods in place to collect data on your digital efforts.
  • You may have gaps in data, which likely means it’s inaccurate or difficult to understand.
  • Your data comes from so many different sources you can no longer make sense of what’s there. You’ve reached analysis paralysis.

What you do know, however, is you’re wasting time and resources—two things your small business likely doesn’t have in abundance.   

Your Small Business Can Waste Less Time Through Automation and Data Insights

Customer relationship management is bogging you down and siphoning your time and resources.

It’s taking hours out of every week to keep the lines of communication flowing with your prospects, leads, customers, and business partners. Meanwhile, you’re pulling focus away from fine-tuning the very services and products that got you into business in the first place.

It’s time for a moment of reality: You know this is a waste of time.

We believe in a different approach—an approach that takes those time-consuming tasks, creates a process and a system to automate them, and ultimately produces better results with half the effort.

Rather than manually following up with contacts, we believe in:

  • Centralizing all contacts in a single system;
  • Segmenting contacts based on their interests and unique needs;
  • Tracking how contacts engage with their digital channels; and
  • Creating trigger-point systems that send personalized pieces of communication based on their behavior, buying phase, interests, and needs.

We use a marketing automation to streamline, automate, and measure tasks and workflows—a strategy we’ve used time and again to free our partners from time-consuming tasks that draw focus away from growing their business and refining their services and products.

But building a consistent and dependable automated customer journey that leads to conversions requires flexibility to adjust and adapt your strategy based on data.

At all times, there should be an understanding of the performance of each campaign—from its successes to its potential weaknesses—so the value of the invested time and resources is clear.

The only way to do that is by arming ourselves with the right metrics. We look at:

  • When the customer is ready to be engaged and how
  • Whether we’re effectively re-engaging passive buyers
  • How customers are converting and when
  • How we can better segment each contact
  • How the strategy is performing overall and where to make tweaks for better outcomes   
  • Where customers are in the funnel and if there are any roadblocks to conversion to be removed

Only when we really start to understand this data can we repeat our successes, refine them to save time the next go-around, and determine when to expect a return on investment.

Leverage Your Small Business Through Multiple Channels

You’re probably wondering, “Why do I need multiple channels, isn’t one good enough?” It’s this thinking that has put many single owners and small- to medium-sized enterprises on the outs with today’s consumer who engages and compares brands across multiple channels before making a purchase.

Keeping a finger on each channel can be challenging, yes, but they are vital to boosting your brand’s presence and making your brand the consumer’s preference. When your channels have clear, consistent, and highly-targeted messages and calls to action, you keep the consumer on task to becoming a customer and ease the buying decision.

Marketing automation, when done right, is a channel that can boost conversions, but to optimize your return and to continuously convert, you need a marketing engine that can repeat successes on multiple channels..

We build well-oiled marketing engines that help our partners waste less time and reach their business goals by:

  • Customizing a combination of data-driven, consumer-centric digital marketing strategies that meet your direct business needs, goals, and budget.
  • Repeating and surpassing successful outcomes by constantly extracting insights from data to quantify what exactly about those specific strategies caused them to perform well.
  • Analyzing underperforming areas and either remove them or tweak them for better results.
  • Automating our refined processes to waste less time moving forward.

We don’t believe it’s enough to receive a pat on the back for a performance well done; we want to learn from experience by looking at the data to see how and why, so we can take those learnings and build upon them.

The goal should always be to have a fair expectation of the results before you spend a dime on the execution of the strategy.

Small Businesses Have Options When It Comes to Marketing

Let’s be honest: there are plenty of companies who offer marketing services, and they all think they know why their approach is the right one. We’re in a crowded field.

We’re simply here to help our partners waste less time, and we believe the only way to truly waste less is to know more. This means:

  • Measuring everything we can and letting the data guide our strategies toward success.
  • Sharing and documenting everything we learn about the nuances in marketing strategies as we build the right processes for repeatable success.
  • Arming you with the most important KPIs and data insights for each specific campaign and avoiding data-overload.

We understand this approach isn’t for everyone:

  • If you don’t want to be hands-on…
  • If you don’t want to test innovative ideas and learn with us…
  • If you’re not willing to over-communicate with us...
  • If you want more of the same…

Perhaps we’re not the partner for you.

But we know small business owners like you aren’t happy with the way things are, and they’re not willing to settle for shots in the dark—neither are we.

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