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Facet Interactive Proudly Sponsors the 2023 South Florida ORBIE Awards

We are thrilled to announce Facet Interactive's Silver Sponsorship of the 2023 South Florida ORBIE Awards, one of the most prestigious IT leadership events in South Florida. Facet Interactive, a firm specializing in technology transformation, is honored to be participating in this year's awards, scheduled to celebrate excellence in the Chief Information Officer (CIO) role across multiple industries.

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Managing Drupal Web Translations with Translation Proxy vs. Translation Integration

As digital platforms continue to expand beyond borders, understanding and effectively utilizing web translation has become a necessity for businesses with an international audience. Two primary strategies for managing web translations are: Translation Integration via a Translation Management System (TMS) combined with a Content Management System (CMS), and Translation Proxy.

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Mautic Best Practices Checklist For A Successful Campaign Management

This article provides a checklist to confirm current Mautic configuration against our best practices. Check it out to clear your doubts about Mautic configuration in a hassle-free way. 


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Marketing Automation Information Architecture: Properties, Segments, Categories

Configuring your marketing automation suite with the right architecture is a matter of organizing your metadata in the right way to maximize insights, stratify segments, and build towards the pinnacle: personalized communications and engagement management.

Architecting your marketing automation suite is not a one-size-fits-all venture. You often need to tailor the following steps to your organization's internal nomenclature and conventions. While many B2B sales teams are structured similarly, deal flow is often unique to industries. I encourage you to take the following blue print and modify some of these lists to your heart's content in a spreadsheet until you have clear—but concise—buckets.

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The Secret Sauce: Facet's B2B Sales Prospecting Stack

This article is going to serve as a catch-all explainer for how Facet prospects: our technology stack, and how we manage our outreach.

Time after time I encounter companies who are starting their journey with a cold lead engine, and they're swimming through the vast sea of sales and marketing SaaS tools that all promise growth—with no clear strategy as to how to qualify, quantify, and connect the technology stack.

Unfortunately, until you've managed the full pipeline from account research to email outreach—it's hard to tell what will work.