Building a Customer Acquisition Platform for a Semi-National Healthcare Provider

Building a Customer Acquisition Platform for a Semi-National Healthcare Provider


A semi-national Healthcare Provider, primarily based in the East and planning rapid expansion nationwide, sought technology-based solutions to enhance brand sites, content marketing tools, and revenue operations. The existing Drupal 8 distribution posed usability challenges for the marketing team, impeding efficient customer acquisition. The original hosting platform, a custom AWS stack, required simplification, and the Salesforce implementation was in need of refactoring to better align with best practices and resolve daily operational performance issues. Through Facet’s partnership with the Healthcare Provider, Facet established a reputation for strategy and innovation while refactoring dated technical debt, simplifying value streams, and assisting with systemizing the customer acquisition processes for sales and marketing operations.


The Healthcare Provider operated regionally with a house of brands strategy wherein each brand occupied a number of markets. Digital publishing tools needed to be created to minimize rework for each brand, and at the same time serve each brand’s unique markets. Through the various stages of engagement, Facet’s primary challenge was in untangling technical debt while simplifying process for sales, marketing, and IT teams through technology innovation.


  • Centralized tooling leveraging Drupal's capabilities to serve as a distribution for multiple websites allowed the Healthcare Provider to create a unified set of tools for customer acquisition.


  • A Drupal 9 CMS Distribution servicing four patient-facing websites, promoting standardized content publishing across different brands.
  • Improved Drupal CMS to Salesforce integration for efficient event publishing and campaign synchronization.
  • Integrated Translation Management Service with Drupal sites, granting the marketing team superior editorial control over translated content to serve local markets in each language.
  • Research-backed, conversion driven UX Design transformed into a component-driven library applicable across multiple client-branded properties with the use of Drupal Emulsify and Storybook.
  • Enhanced No Code / Low Code practices in Zapier with well-documented standards and a knowledge base for internal IT staff to adopt the built and transferred automations.
  • Lead Multi-Touchpoint Attribution developed in Salesforce Sales Cloud, providing a detailed view of customer engagement leading up to conversion.
  • A WSJF-based RevOps Prioritization Framework aligning stakeholders around high-impact, low-cost solutions. Definition of seasonality for prioritization across enterprise initiatives. Creation of a set of parameters for steering and escalating appropriate attention for various bug fixes, enhancements, foundational refactoring, and strategic innovations.
  • A Data Discovery Workshop aligning the Marketing team around key performance indicators and strategic insight requirements for future data projects.
  • Staff augmentation support provided for the client's internal IT departments, including Drupal developers, WordPress developers, QA and project managers.
  • Performed a portfolio-wide PHP assessment for over 30 corporate applications, generating recommendations for security remediation, hardening, DevOps simplification, and performance tuning.
  • Initial refactoring of AWS infrastructure for tuning LAMP for PHP-based content management systems such as Drupal and WordPress.
  • Migration to Pantheon cloud hosting for Drupal and WordPress-tuned hosting.
  • Pantheon integrated DevOps with GitLab CI/CD continuous functional and visual regression testing, and gated deployments.


The result of our engagement with this Healthcare Provider was a unified approach to customer acquisition and growth, simplified marketing technology efforts, and a blueprint to scale a robust Salesforce architecture—contributing significantly to their digital foundations and preparing for the next phase of growth.