CompLinks: Go-To-Market Sales Strategy

CompLinks: Go-To-Market Sales Strategy


CompLinks came to Facet in search of a partnership to drive engagement with CompLinks’ target audience: casinos. With many years of experience operating casinos and in the gaming industry, Rob Gallo (CEO of CompLinks) sought to offer a coalition loyalty marketing platform to the casino industry. 

Facet was engaged to bring in sales opportunities, and while Facet updated sales collateral, simplified the unique value proposition, and drove prospecting campaigns—ultimately we failed. Casinos are oil tankers on the great sea and turning to new technologies takes time. 

Although Facet failed to deliver new sales in a timely manner, we’re quite proud of our work and showcase it here.


CompLinks built the coalition loyalty marketing SaaS platform before getting their value messaging nailed down. Once the investment was made, Facet needed to isolate the needs of the casinos—and identify the pain points and buying triggers that would drive a new customer to engage with CompLinks.


Casinos needed this alternative form of revenue in order to drive engagement off-property—the kicker with CompLinks was that the casino would actually be paid for their visibility. The cost of implementing this program was simply promoting it to pre-enrolled loyalty rewards members of the casino. The problem Facet faced was one of timing—many customers have interest, but where does this sit among their evergrowing queue? Timeline to return on investment (ROI) was the most critical component.


Messaging and Unique Selling Proposition

CompLinks was pushing a new technology into an industry that is slow to adapt. With coalition loyalty marketing, the strategy is technically sophisticated and requires a deep insight into growing market trends and consumer behaviors. Facet needed to distill these trends into a qualifying buying trigger—an “A-ha!” moment—to drive home new sales. Facet worked to identify the unique buying triggers for various types of casinos, identifying benefits such as alternative tax rates for revenue, free brand visibility with CompLink’s Chrome Extension.

Pre-Sales Pitch Deck 

Facet worked with CompLinks to create a new pre-sales keynote presentation, helping to:

Content Marketing to Drive Top of Funnel Education

As Facet continued to work with CompLinks, it became clear that much more customer education would be required before buyers would be ready. New technologies aren’t adopted overnight unless they solve a clear, immediate pain-point. This new paradigm was qualified as nice-to-have by most customers and CompLinks needed to fight those tides. 

Facet worked to create content that would help craft the picture of a battle being lost. Once a consumer was tied to a specific coalition loyalty program—they likely would never switch anywhere else. This sale was a race to secure each customer’s continued loyalty to the gaming and casino properties. Understanding that shift in consumer behaviors needed appropriate illustration, so we provided the copywriting and research to create blog content and infographics. 

Prospecting Campaign Setup & Management 

Facet provided the sales process and training for launching a cold outreach campaign. CompLink’s prospecting campaign included tools such as: 

  • Set up Apollo for company and contact research.

  • HubSpot setup and configuration for email personalization and automation.

  • Training on prospecting outreach management.

  • Set up GrowthLead for automated LinkedIn outreach.

  • Management of contact research, outreach automation enrollment, and responses.


Facet ultimately failed to acquire new customers for CompLinks within the term of our engagement. We’re still quite proud of our contributions to the CompLinks brand and messaging and are happy to see them grow as the market matures.