CRM Analysis and Workflow Qualification for Beta Agency

CRM Analysis and Workflow Qualification for Beta Agency


Beta Agency, a leading commercial real estate broker in Southern California, partnered with Facet to optimize its customer engagement processes. Facet's expertise in process optimization and data-driven solutions was sought to qualify a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and streamline workflow for enhanced customer interactions. This case study focuses on how Facet assisted Beta Agency in achieving its end-goal of selecting a suitable CRM and improving customer engagement.


Beta Agency caters to both landlords and brands, and plays matchmaker between an ideal location and an ideal customer. The CRM process idealized by brand-side and landlord-sides of the agency required unique workflows to maximize the ability to play this match making. 


Beta Agency aimed to achieve the following objectives in collaboration with Facet:

  1. Qualify a New CRM: Identify and evaluate CRM options that align with Beta Agency's customer engagement needs and growth strategies.
  2. Streamline Workflow: Optimize business processes to improve customer interactions and increase overall operational efficiency.


Workflow Discovery & Streamlining

Facet worked closely with Beta Agency to map out workflow processes related to customer relationship management, including:

  • Process Mapping: Facet mapped existing customer engagement workflows to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
  • Process Optimization: Based on the process mapping results, Facet provided recommendations for streamlining workflows and improving customer interactions.
  • Automating Repetitive Tasks: Facet identified repetitive tasks that could be automated within the CRM to save time and improve overall efficiency.
  • Training and Implementation Support: Facet provided training and implementation support to ensure seamless integration of the new CRM and optimized workflow processes.

Facet’s end-goal was to holistically understand Beta’s current operating model and processes so as to make an effective recommendation for the CRM selection.

CRM Qualification

After mapping Beta’s various business processes and workflows, Facet initiated a thorough assessment of Beta Agency's CRM requirements and growth objectives. The CRM qualification process included:

  • Needs Analysis: Facet collaborated closely with Beta Agency's teams to understand their specific CRM needs, including customer data management, marketing automation, and sales pipeline tracking.
  • Vendor Research: Facet conducted extensive research to identify CRM vendors known for providing solutions that align with Beta Agency's needs.
  • Feature Comparison: Key CRM features were evaluated against Beta Agency's requirements to identify the most suitable options.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: Facet performed a cost-benefit analysis of shortlisted CRM solutions to ensure optimal value for Beta Agency.
  • Demo and Testing: Facet facilitated CRM demos and testing sessions to assess the user-friendliness and functionality of potential solutions.
  • Recommendation Report: Based on the evaluation, Facet presented a comprehensive CRM recommendation report to Beta Agency, highlighting the most suitable CRM option and its potential benefits.

CRM Selection: REThink CRM

While qualifying Beta’s primary choice of REThink CRM, Facet identified a number of customizations to the platform that would require Salesforce Development professional services in order to tailor the CRM to Beta’s needs and customer engagement model. Some key findings included:

  • While REThink CRM is purpose built for real-estate, the engagement model of how Beta works with its customers requires ability to marry and match make a broader inventory of potential tenants with landlords under management.
  • REThink CRM is built on top of Salesforce, and while it is purpose built for real estate
  • Follow ups and tenant turnover management and key retention strategies for Beta to earn lifelong customers and grow with their brands.
  • Beta also needed to be able to earmark non-real estate deals that would include projects for professional services support, primarily driven by their branding, retail, and digital support arm, in-house.


Through Facet's assistance, Beta Agency achieved the following results:

  • Optimized Customer Engagement: The new CRM system and streamlined workflow enabled Beta Agency to enhance customer interactions, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Time and Cost Savings: By automating repetitive tasks and improving efficiency, Beta Agency experienced significant time and cost savings, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: The data-driven capabilities of the selected CRM empowered Beta Agency to make informed decisions, align marketing efforts with customer preferences, and identify growth opportunities.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: The optimized workflow facilitated better collaboration among teams, leading to increased productivity and smoother customer engagement processes.

Future Prospects

With the qualified CRM and optimized workflow selected in 2020, Beta Agency was well-positioned for future growth and success. They can now more easily leverage the power of data-driven customer engagement to remain competitive in the dynamic digital marketing landscape. The discovery and strategic planning with Facet has provided Beta Agency with a solid foundation to continuously improve customer interactions and achieve sustained business growth.