FlightFX: Launching A Microsoft Flight Sim Game Studio

FlightFX: Launching A Microsoft Flight Sim Game Studio


Facet Interactive's partnership with FlightFX led to the creation of a globally recognized brand within the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 community. Facet not only designed and developed a visually appealing and functional website but also provided a strong IT-enabled backbone, systemized business operations, and offered crucial support in business development, engineering management, and recruitment.

  • Facet's IT Managed Services and digital support were crucial in enabling FlightFX to secure a significant position in the rapidly growing flight simulator marketplace.
  • Facet’s role as a strategic partner rather than just a service provider allowed FlightFX to streamline its business operations and achieve significant market milestones.


FlightFX was formed in partnership with Facet Interactive, who provided the necessary digital and IT services for the venture to go to market. Facet continues to provide crucial IT integration support, business development, and engineering management as the FlightFX team grows.


The Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 community is a rapidly growing market with new developers emerging daily. Development of game sceneries and aircraft often involves complex licensing and sourcing, requiring systemized processes for outreach and project development.


Facet Interactive offered comprehensive solutions, including:

  • Design and development of the FlightFX.io on Webflow.
  • IT management for the initial corporate infrastructure.
  • Configuration of a DevOps workflow for collaborative development of flight sim aircraft.
  • Setup of a Hiring Process and Application Tracking System for qualifying 3D designers and flight sim engineers.
  • Business development, contracting, and negotiation support for FlightFX clients.
  • Robotic process automation of accounting functions to process transactions from various marketplaces and process for revenue share with partners. 
  • Marketing support and digital advertising.


As a result of Facet Interactive’s strategic and operational support, FlightFX achieved the top-rated private business jet position in the Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 Marketplace. FlightFX also is getting ready to launch global partner program to attract FlightFX's next batch of talent and partners.


Airports Launched


Aircraft Launched