Launch of Startup Healthcare Provider Brand on Drupal and Salesforce

Launch of Startup Healthcare Provider Brand on Drupal and Salesforce


Support the launch of a new healthcare provider brand targeted at individuals eligible for in-home care or virtual care services. Facet would support the semi-national Healthcare Provider in launching a new brand to market, customizing the customer acquisition platform already developed, and streamlining the growth marketing tools leveraged.


  • The new brand launched by the Healthcare Provider had to leverage pre-existing tools and infrastructure that the Healthcare Provider already deployed across its other 3 major brands.
  • Leveraging the pre-existing infrastructure came at the cost of severe technical debt, and organizational complexity, including red tape and bureaucracy.


  • Facet recognized that the client wanted this new brand to work more like a startup, and as such recommended new technologies and solutions that would allow a faster time-to-market, and avoid the preconditions of the larger organization.


  • Website Design - Taking the direction from the new brands style guide, the Facet creative team applied the new look-and-feel to the pre-existing website design components in Figma, and iterated through rounds of feedback in designing a new set of components.
  • Customization of Drupal 9 Distribution for New Website Launch - based on the website design customized for the new brand, Facet’s Drupal developers extended and customized the distributions theme and components.
  • Become a Member Funnel Form for Progressive Profiling of Prospective Patients - in order to increase conversion rate optimization and appropriately segment in-market and out-of-market prospects, a multi-step form was developed with incremental data capture and conditional logic for routing the prospect to the right experience and follow up.
  • Mobile Application Design - Facet’s UX Designer and Creative Director worked with the new brand style guide and pre-existing mobile application functionality in order to create a cohesive design system and functional mockups for conceptual review.
  • Salesforce Development - Creation of a new Salesforce Application that would act as a walled garden for the account executives that would use Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM to carry out their day to day activities for prospect follow up and deal conversion.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Development - Creation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) assets for the new brand including data extensions, data filters, journeys, email templates, and business unit configuration for launching the new brand to market.
  • Agile Development Support - Break/fix, enhancements, search engine optimization, Security Updates, WCAG compliance remediation, and other Maintenance.


Successful launch of the new brand into two markets, with supporting technology enablement from the Drupal 9 distribution Facet maintains for the parent company of the healthcare provider.