MotoArt: Mile High Furniture Soars on Drupal 7

MotoArt: Mile High Furniture Soars on Drupal 7


MotoArt was looking to revamp their website for a modern feel, with clear calls to action for stronger conversion rates. With a wide range of high end furniture, the pressure was on to take this to a higher altitude. Facet supported Dogs of Design to make sure the engine underneath the wings was humming as Drupal development met mile high furniture maker.


With so many products, easy navigation and clear conversion paths were key. MotoArt doesn’t sell via eCommerce, so we have to drive leads through a form, but still make it feel like a shopping cart.


Airplane furniture has the benefit of a deep content strategy, with the plane’s history itself to pull from. With a wide range of content to display on the site, the UX needed the care of the furniture’s polish for both conversion and explorability.


Analytics. Measure engagement past conversion.

  • Extend the conversion pipeline with additional pages past the lead submission form to further warm prospects before purchase.

  • Implement regular Google Analytics reporting to track lead submissions.

Tooling. Re-fabricated to fly high.

  • Rebuild the Drupal 7 website to streamline conversions and lead generation.

  • Facet provided Drupal technical architecture and oversight, guiding Dogs of Design as they delivered the website design and branding update.

Automation. Integrated eyes in the sky.

  • Integrate Facebook tracking pixels to better segment the on-site audience between prospective visitors, engaged buyers who have visited the form, and converted customers who submit the Pricing Inquiry form.

  • Scale the segmented advertising to reduce CPA and increase LTV for customers who make it out of a short-term “past-customer” rotation.