Cloud Services

Transform Your Business with Cloud Services: Facilitating Business Growth

As a trusted partner in Information Technology, Facet Interactive offers robust and innovative Cloud Services consulting to businesses looking for growth opportunities through technology. Let's explore the tremendous potential of cloud technology to transform the way you do business.

Strategy for Cloud Services: Navigating the Cloud Journey

  • Custom Strategy: Facet’s team of experts develop an individual cloud strategy for your business that aligns with your business objectives and future prospects.

  • Cost Efficiency: We leverage the Cloud to optimize the cost-effectiveness of your operations, reducing your infrastructure expenditure while boosting performance.

  • Holistic Hybridization: Cloud services may not meet every requirement and our solutions will consider your unique use cases to present a best-in-class option.

Benefits of Cloud Services: Unleashing Potential

  • Flexibility and Scalability: Our Cloud Services provide your business with the elasticity it needs to adapt to changing market conditions and growth opportunities.

  • Security: We prioritize the protection of your sensitive data with industry best-practice security measures, ensuring your peace of mind in a digital age.

Designing Cloud Services: Blueprint for Success

  • Customized Solutions: Facet designs cloud services tailored to your specific business needs and objectives, providing unique solutions to your unique challenges.

  • Automation: We aim for reduced manual intervention by incorporating automated processes in your operations, increasing your efficiency.

Developing Cloud Services: Building the Future

  • Innovation: Our development team is zealous about evaluating new ideas and technologies, always aiming to keep you aware of trends in the market.

  • Expertise: Facet’s global delivery team, with a rich experience spanning over 20 years, ensures top-notch development of your cloud services.

Monitoring Success with Cloud Services: Ensuring Goals are Met

  • KPI Monitoring: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used in monitoring the success of your cloud services, detailing areas of improvement and success.

  • Automated Alerts: We can set up automated alerts or integrate a business intelligence dashboard to monitor KPI performance, helping you meet and exceed your business goals.

Systemizing Success with Cloud Services: Driving Growth

  • Systemized Growth: Facet believes in systemizing growth through technology enablement and offers you the tools to drive down costs, improve resilience, and increase performance.

  • Building Systems: We identify the Flywheel of your business's growth, architecting and building systems to accelerate it.


With Facet Interactive, you can entrust your Cloud Services to a team of experts who are committed to the growth of your business. We understand the complexities of today's business landscape and aim to provide you with the repeatable process you need to succeed.