Discovery Workshop

At Facet Interactive we strive to bring a signature quality of excellence to our Discovery Workshops by leveraging a blend of requirements engineering and product design techniques. Our workshops are broken down into 3 phases and are executed over the course of 1-5 days depending on the size of the project.


  • Stakeholder interviews
  • User interviews
  • Rank priorities
  • Detail success metrics and KPIs
  • Identify business risks
  • Outline assumptions and dependencies


  • Collaborate on content strategy
  • Draft Job stories
  • Align requirements to market strategy


  • Detail project requirements
  • Backlog product requirements
  • Detail limitations and exclusions
  • Draft training requirements and adoption strategy

Discovery Report

At the end of the workshop you can walk away with a Discovery Report detailing:

  • Business requirements detailing the background and motivators for this project
  • A clear definition of success for the implementation of this project
  • A high-level project backlog for execution by a development and design team
  • Alignment of internal expectations for execution and adoption

The key to success in discovery workshops is building a strong framework of priorities—then the implementation team can align their work to the task at hand and the motivations behind it.