Drupal Discovery Workshop

Our white label Drupal discovery services are crafted to help large agencies smooth out the wrinkles in their sales pipeline. Often times, your lead developer or engagement managers need to stay focused on their current project, but where do you find the time to qualify the next large engagement? Who is going to help map out the requirements with Drupal platform specifications in mind?


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We have crafted an agile approach to requirements gathering that focuses on three key areas:

  1. Focus on client expectations, not client demands. Often times we find that our business analysts can address the reason for a request instead of simply deliver the requested feature as it is described verbatim.
  2. Product and project requirements are tied to business KPIs—making it easy to translate the project’s success into your client’s bottom-line.
  3. Qualify requirements with scrum methodology to enable painless transition to the development team.

Product Owner as a Service

Through the discovery process, our business analysts focus on qualifying the project from a Drupal site building perspective. Our goal is to flesh out a blueprint for the Drupal site build that will give the developers a vision for base functionality, then we detail requirements that aren’t easily answerable by Drupal site building.

After the initial discovery process, agencies will keep us on as product owner for the duration of the project, often interacting with developers to maximize their knowledge of a particular feature set from a pseudo-client perspective, and later completing acceptance testing with the client in order to maximize transparency.

Why Drupal Agencies Love Our Discovery Services

Managers will Increase Project Qualification Pipeline

  • We mitigate developer unbillable down-time by qualifying your next large enterprise web project ahead of time.
  • We free up lead developers to focus on development sprints and project execution.
  • We flex up to meet the demand for technical architecture so executives can focus on client acquisition and retention.

Developers Love the Documents

Our Senior Drupal Architects work with your client to deliver a suite of deliverables which will serve as a blueprint for project estimation and execution including:

  • Information Architecture spreadsheet complete with content types, taxonomy, menu hierarchy, rules, views, contrib module selection, and gap functionality requirements for custom module implementation.
  • Wireframes for front-end user interface implementation.
  • A full technical discovery report detailing high-level requirements, integration requirements, security requirements, and deployment architecture.

Not Local? Not a Problem.

  • Facet utilizes a deep library of templated and custom-tailored surveys for each project in order to minimize the time required on-site with a client.
  • We follow up with high-touch virtual conferencing workshops in order to iron out the details of a client’s business which aren’t easily communicated on paper.

Why Clients Love Our Discovery Services

Shoes — We’re in ‘Em

  • We take a business intelligence approach to qualifying the client’s project requirements by gaining an understanding of the client’s core company values, product positioning, marketing initiatives and operational business logic.
  • We suggest solutions that leverage web technology to address functional sticky points in the client’s current operational workflow.

We Set the Right Client Expectations

  • We manage the client’s expectations for functionality, timeline, and delivery based on what is feasible and economical by Drupal best practices.
  • Through high-touch discovery meetings we dissemble surface-level project concerns in order to uncover true project requirements.

We Mitigate Unforeseen Costs

  • We minimize future implementation costs by ensuring the project is extendable towards the client’s future goals.
  • We deliver analysis on the client’s likelihood to request a change order mid-project.