Information Architecture Analysis

Information Flows

Our philosophy is that there are three defining tenets for constructing your web platform’s information architecture:

  • Audience Flow
  • Creation Flow
  • Repurposing Flow 

Audience Flow

Our team of information architects consider the following questions when inspecting or crafting your information architecture:

  • How will your website be used by visitors?
  • Who are the key audiences?
  • What are the key goals for each audience?
  • How are we supporting those key goals with calls to action throughout the site?

Creation Flow (Administrative Flow)

In order to address optimizing the administrative tasks, our architects will often inspect:

  • Pre-existing standard operating procedures
  • Administrative roles
  • Administrative personnel training or ability
  • Alignment of administrative tasks with generating content for key audiences

It’s important to not only create a system that delivers targetted content for the end user, but also manages content in a way that is easy to update for key personnel. A website is often considered a live document, but without easy updating, a website can soon be a dated document after a short time. Prioritizing easy updates allows us to target content creation and drive sales or engagement across all industries.

Repurposing Flow (Marketing Flow)

Content creation require significant buy-in on your end, whether it’s developing the features for collecting user generated content, or creating the content yourself with copywriting and design—those assets you develop should never be wasted. That’s why we focus on a repurposing flow at Facet—to maximize the value of your assets and drive conversion.

We develop the repurposing flow on your website by identifying some high-level strategies that may work for your product or services company including:

  • Creating content landing pages targeting vertical markets.
  • Brainstorming user generated content strategies including product or service reviews, client testimonials, and social media strategies.
  • Interlinking services or products with product reviews, portfolio items, client testimonials, client landing pages.
  • Creating engagement stories targeted to specific audiences, showcasing the specific importance of a key product or service across a variety of verticals.

At the end of the day, repurposing flow is meant to address the ultimate question every business owner faces:

How can we help customers waste less time on our website?