Marketing Automation

Multiply Your Efforts with Marketing Automation

On average it takes 23 touchpoints to convert a lead - that means days of work, to ensure your customers, prospects, and leads are nurtured. 
You can't flip a switch and have a larger marketing department or sales team to dig up sales opportunities... or can you? 
Companies spend time getting a one-to-one return on their marketing and sales dollars - but there is a way to scale your marketing and multiply its value: Marketing Automation.

Let Marketing Automation Work For You

Find Better Customers Faster

The hardest thing for any business to do is to find qualified customers. You can always throw any lead into the top of your sales funnel and expect your sales team to weed out losing prospects or… You can use on-page forms, welcome mats, and offers to engage with site visitors to determine which customers are most interested in your product.

Build Strong Relationships with Your Customers

Your customers use a number of channels to communicate, and you should be there too. Omnichannel marketing would mean hours of time texting, emailing, updating leads in a complex spreadsheet - so don’t. A marketing automation system lets you build a strong, personal relationship with your customer that can extend beyond just an email client.

Target Your Hottest Prospects First

Have a burning desire to know who your hottest leads are? You always want to know who is most likely to purchase or convert. This means integrating your Matketing Automation system with your CRM. We can integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot, and just about anything other database you can throw our way.

Increase Close Rates

Never let a potential conversion slip through the cracks. Negleted customer nurturing is the easiest way to miss buying windows and lose customer interest. Making sure that you can reliably contact your customers, even when you team is swamped, is key. With continued nurturing, we increase your close rates and marketing ROI.

Multiply the Value of Existing Content

Spending time writing blog posts and press releases isn't cheap - get more visbility on your content with a newsletter and automated drip. It's simple once we can get ahold of your content, we can make sure that it is posted across all your social media and sent to all your current customers and leads as appropriate. Newsletters, sales support - nothing is off the table. We can build you a complete solution to make upselling easier and educate your potential leads so they know who to turn to when they are ready to buy.

Don't Divide. Multiply and Conquer.