Mautic Development & Managed Services

Replace Expensive Cloud SaaS Marketing Automation with Open Source Mautic

The power of open source is the democratization of critical business application functionality. With open source marketing automation software, Mautic, your business can benefit from deeply integrating your marketing technologies across your media platforms and channels.

While alternative cloud SaaS solutions offer out-of-box solutions, Mautic offers custom tailored solutions.

Where cloud SaaS marketing automation is typically charged at an expensive Price Per Contact, open source Mautic can be deployed on a wide variety of cloud providers, with your only financial responsibility being the cloud hosting infrastructure, and the cost of expertise for maintenance.

With Facet, we offer a team of open source development experts and digital strategists to supercharge your Mautic deployment. It is not only the peace of mind knowing Mautic is deployed dependably, but also the springboard for innovation where our Mautic consultants can offer their advise and expertise to suit your unique needs and digital strategy.

Accelerate Launching Mautic in High Availability

Facet's development team has worked for years with organizations ranging from small business to medium enterprise. We've encapsulated the best practices for launching Mautic streamlined for minimal maintenance, while also providing the flexibility of high availability deployments in Kubernetes with Mautic Helm Charts & Terraform infrastructure.

Deploy High Availability Mautic Kubernetes with Facet's Mautic Helm Charts

  • Mautic Helm Charts. Deploy Mautic in LEMP stack configuration with Infrastructure-as-Code best practices built into your deployment from day one.
  • Scale Mautic Horizontally. Horizontally scale out Mautic with NGINX Proxy and load balanced PHP FPM application servers and Redis shared PHP sessions.
  • Deploy to AWS EKS (& more). Our mautic-k8s distribution is purpose-built for deploying on AWS EKS, but should you like to deploy to another Kubernetes backplane provider, we're happy to develop that for you.

Enterprise Mautic Development Best Practices

  • Version Control. While the core project assumes that individuals can install on individual LAMP VPSes, we know that enterprise deployments require appropriate management of dependencies and version control for a dependable undo button.
  • Automated Testing Integration. Deploy confidently with automated testing in place to verify Mautic UI elements and also integration components. We deploy with a dependency on both functional tests and API interface tests using tools such as Postman.
  • Composer-based Management & Updates. While Mautic 2.x is built as a composer project, there are some ways to deploy mautic/core as a dependency of your own project's composer.json.
  • Multi-Environment Development Workflow. While development teams are used to working with open source content management systems, Mautic can be a different beast entirely. The usage of queues in emailing and campaigns creates a uniquely stateful database application. Without the appropriate clean up scripts when backfilling into lower environments you can end up with campaigns that execute and send emails from inappropriate environments.

Open Source Mautic Support

  • Escape the Cost Per Contact world of marketing automation SaaS solutions.
  • Tailor your Mautic infrastruture stack to your explicit functional needs and server sizing.

Mautic Local Development Workflow

  • Standardize your Development Workflow with Lando. LEMP configuration with Redis and RabbitMQ to give you a local development workflow that replicates a scaled down version of production.

Mautic Managed Service

  • Mautic Initial Consultation & Strategy.
  • Mautic Setup and Configuration.
  • Mautic Solutions Architecture.
  • Mautic Technical Architecture.
  • Mautic Custom Development.
  • Mautic Training.
  • Mautic Migration & Launch.
    • Contact Migration.
    • Contact Activity Migration.
    • Mautic Email Template Development.