Process Optimization

Unleashing Potential with Process Optimization

At Facet Interactive, we strive to systemize success for enterprises by streamlining and optimizing business processes. Through our approach to Process Optimization, we aim to improve efficiency, agility, and flexibility for your business.

Formulating a Process Optimization Strategy

Our strategy focuses on identifying, designing, and developing your business processes, with the aim of achieving optimal results and significant improvement in your overall performance.

  • Identification of Value Streams: We begin by identifying the value streams that drive your business growth. This helps us map out your business processes, identify potential areas for improvement, and align your business objectives with your process management strategies.

  • Process Discovery: Understanding your current processes and the touchpoints that power them, be it digital or manual, is key to our strategy. We document these processes to have a clear understanding of how everything functions currently. To efficiently scale our your process optimization, we follow a 7 step process:

    • Assess

    • Map

    • Prioritize

    • Build

    • Deploy

    • Monitor

    • Iterate

Reaping the Benefits of Process Optimization

Process optimization can bring about significant improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations, enabling you to achieve your business goals and objectives more easily.

  • Scalability: The optimization of your processes helps your business grow and adapt to changing needs and conditions.

  • Automation: We aim to automate routine tasks and processes where possible, reducing the need for manual intervention and thus increasing efficiency.

  • Streamline Delivery: As each process is optimized we progressively trim the fat from your operations and introduce optionality and features to your process to cater to complexity and reduce cost as needed. 

  • Reduce Operational Uncertainty: Technology-enabled processes become increasingly transparent and dependable, allowing staff to implement process improvements and measure results. 

Designing for Process Optimization

Our team of experts design process optimization strategies that are tailored to your unique business needs. We aim to create efficient, streamlined processes that can adjust and scale as your business grows and evolves.

  • Mapping Tasks and Iterative Improvements: Once the processes are documented, we create a map of the current process and then make suggestions on how to automate or systemize parts of the process piece-meal. This allows us to address inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your current processes and suggest practical, effective solutions.

  • Technology Progression: Our team uses leading technology platforms like, Microsoft PowerAutomate, and Mulesoft for no-code or low-code implementations, while for full automations we recommend custom coded solutions that are fully integrated to your platform of choice.

Developing Process Optimization

We focus on developing a process optimization that aligns with your business objectives, driving consistent and innovative process improvement.

  • Custom Solutions: For full automation, we develop custom solutions designed to scale and handle data efficiently, making them ideal for large enterprises.

  • Quick-Win Strategies: In addition to long-term solutions, we also focus on quick-win strategies that can rapidly prototype and generate process efficiencies through no-code and low-code solutions. By mapping your process and planning phased improvements, we get a faster feedback loop between implementation and impact on your workflows. 

Monitoring Process Optimization KPIs

Monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) is crucial to managing the success of process optimization. It helps identify areas of success and areas that may need further improvement.

  • Automated Monitoring: We set up automated alerts or integrated business intelligence to monitor KPI performance, benefiting the business by allowing for constant, real-time monitoring of process performance.

  • Performance Improvement: KPIs give us quantifiable evidence of process performance, helping us determine the effectiveness of the optimization and make any necessary adjustments.

Systemizing Success with Process Optimization

Through the power of Process Optimization, Facet can help enterprises of various verticals build a better tomorrow and systemize various processes iteratively. We are committed to your success and ready to help you unleash your potential. Together, we can transform your processes and systemize your success.