Sales Process Consulting

Optimize sales pipelines with consistency.

When optimizing your sales processes with Facet, we assess your sales analytics, tooling, process, and sales automation suite to ensure you have a high-performance engine for the high-performance earners. We find that most sales team’s toolsets are geared for a specific kind of salesperson — usually the original founder or sales team member. Rarely has the sales process evolved to create both the flexibility and consistency teams need to drive excellent performance across the varying sales skillsets of your team through channel, niche, and key relationships as your business grows. We rebuild your sales organization to help them work less, earn more, and better leverage machine-assisted selling.


Pre, pipeline, and post-sale analytics

  • Pre-sales intelligence - Equip your sales team with actionable information and prioritized accounts. Pre-sales account analysis of prospective opportunities requires early vetting and qualification for deal-size and prioritization. Sometimes we can’t get to all deals in the pipeline, so we must prioritize those that are best-suited for our team, or reroute opportunities to the appropriate team member when there is misalignment of vertical.

  • Pipeline monitoring and optimization - To land large deals with a smaller, agile sales team, it’s important to keep your eye on the biggest deals in the pipeline. Qualifying these deals, understanding their buying window, and aligning the follow-up strategy to a customer’s needs requires a steady finger on the pulse.  We work with you to define methods of tracking the health of deals as they move through the pipeline and alert you when deals start to go stale.

  • Post-sale learning engine - Your sales growth engine will gain stronger traction as learnings from each deal are diligently documented and surfaced with the team. The correct style of post-mortems, final decision making factors, and logged outcomes must be shared to build a comprehensive knowledge base for continued improvement of your sales process.


Sales tools optimized for ease-of-use.

  • Breakdown barriers to CRM updates - Ease-of-use is king when it comes to the CRM. An out of date CRM is no friend of anyone's. It’s important to recognize a CRM for what it is: a complex pain to update. Make things easy for your team by selecting the right CRM for your team-size, process, and frequency of updates.

  • Right-size sales tools for your team - It is easy to get sold on add-ons, features, and integrations your team quite frankly doesn’t have the time to update or manage. We will help you navigate the ins and outs of CRM configuration management, aligning your configuration with the sales processes that are achievable for your team size.

  • Integrate for easier management - Direct integration with your calendar for scheduling, email inbox, and preferred communications channel (such as Slack) is critical to keeping the CRM up-to-date with as little effort as possible. Don’t back yourself into a mountain of work by picking the wrong tool. Let the robots do the work for you.


Sales process for the masses.

  • Codify sales techniques and value positioning - Facet will work with you to make sure your unique value proposition (UVP) is consistently communicated through all sales collateral. We’ll equip you with the process to communicate value effectively, and in the context of each of your buyer personas.

  • Map sales processes and reduce them to basics - Each sales process Facet has encountered is often unnecessarily complex before a sales manual and processes are put into place. We will work with you to distill the basics of your sales process across critical touch points—from pre-sales information, to sales decks, to proposals, and account management.


Automate sales for consistent results.

  • Reduce sales overhead - Account management, follow ups, and resource intensive, mundane tasks bleed your sales force’s time dry week over week. By investing in some sales automation you’ll gain throughput that compounds it’s ROI year-over-year. Facet will help you to incrementally operationalize your sales automation tools in the CRM and other third-party platforms.

  • The art of the automated personalized follow up - Communicate with each of your prospective customers at scale, with personalization and niche language that compels action. We want sales processes engineered to engage and close! Facet educates your sales team on the configuration and finer points of setting up automated drips to set-it and forget-it—till the check shows up!

Integrate sales process with tooling to ensure quick delivery - Don’t lose momentum with the customers ready to close. Make sure your sales processes are integrated with the best in class proposal technologies that appropriately communicate your brand value, product value, and directly integrate with your CRM to ensure consistent reporting.