Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is all about content strategy—if you build great content, you will organically drive all other aspects of search engine optimization: link building, keyword targeting (through variability of content), and social sharing. By focusing on developing great content strategy, we can:

  • Target vertical markets by leveraging content repurposing and aggregation of related content as targeted landing pages
  • Maximize traffic results through niche keyword ballooning
  • Drive organic link building by focusing on the pillars of link bait
  • Leverage social interaction through integrated sharing strategies; content that is unlocked by sharing, contest entries, etc.
  • Focus on a strategy that targets inbound user content discovery rather than outbound marketing crafted content

Sustainable SEO Efforts

The key to success with any search engine optimization campaign is to focus on delivering a plan that is sustainable. The lower the cost of maintenance, the more integrated your SEO strategy to your in-house standard operating procedures, and the maximum repurposing of content will leverage each penny of sweat for a pound of traffic.

SEO Retainers

The best SEO strategies are an ongoing partnership. At Facet we focus on delivering knowledge and high-level strategies to our clients so that marketing initiatives are developed with the search engine optimization baked in. On a month-to-month basis, our SEO consultants will focus on delivering:

  • Keyword Ranking Reports
  • Opportunities for leveraging viral content based on current trends or hot topics related to your industry
  • Ongoing work with copywriters to expand online content
  • Develop and execute strategies for implementing user generated content—product reviews, client testimonials, user-submitted articles, etc.
  • Strategy updates based on changes in the search industry