Announcing Mautic Helm Charts & K8s Distribution

Facet is proud to announce the open sourcing of our Mautic K8s distribution complete with helm 3 charts, infrastructure configuration, composer-based deployment workflow, and GitLab CI/CD management.

Facet's open sourcing of mautic-k8s represents a year of investment into solving high availability, site reliability, and scalability issues for our enterprise clients.

We believe that the market opportunity for enterprises that choose to explore Mautic is set to explode in growth this year, as more enterprises explore the maturity of a Kubernetes toolset, and more enterprises search for cost savings in open source compared to expensive paid SaaS marketing automation platforms.

“We're excited to share this investment into Mautic K8s and open source marketing automation,” says Jordan Ryan, Chief Technology Officer at Facet Interactive. “We share the vision that Mautic enables enterprises to own and manage data governance and privacy more effectively for their customers.”

Features and benefits of mautic-k8s include.

  • Helm 3 Charts to manage deployments of Mautic on Kubernetes.
  • Composer integrated workflows to develop and deploy Mautic.
  • GitLab continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) workflows.
  • Support for Mautic 2.x and Mautic 3.x (coming soon!).

From the README on the GitHub project:

Deploy Mautic in a scalable Kubernetes cluster.

This project is an opinionated way to deploy Mautic using:

  • Helm 3 charts to manage deploying Mautic 2.x
  • nginx-proxy as our ingress
  • PHP-FPM with PHP 7.3
  • Nginx on each application server to work with php-fpm
  • PVC on EFS for Mautic mediaspoolcache, and logs.
  • EFK in cluster
  • Redis for shared php sessions (but we hope to use this for another Cache plugin soon)
  • RabbitMQ
  • GitLab CI/CD with multidev branches
  • RDS for managed MariaDB

Facet is excited to offer Mautic managed services to guide companies through migration to Mautic and scaling on Kubernetes. Reach out to schedule a discussion about open source or about professional support!