How to Take Biotech Marketing to the Next Level with Mautic

The healthcare industry has rapidly changed over the past few years. New legislation has altered the landscape of medical care and technology.

And it's not just this. The days of the door-to-door salesman are also coming to an end. People and organizations have moved online. They want to learn about new products online and they want to buy them online.

The combination of these two major shifts have created a completely new atmosphere for healthcare and biotech companies around the globe.

How to Do Real Estate Marketing Automation with Mautic

You have a beautiful website. You post quality content to your social media platforms. You keep a comprehensive contact list. You're on top of your game and doing a lot of things right.

But you keep hitting a wall, and you're spending a lot of time hitting the same wall over and over again.

Your contact list isn't growing and neither is your sales pipeline. Your website isn't producing leads. You're plateauing.

This is something real estate agencies and private realtors face daily.

An Easy Way to Get Started with Marketing Automation Now

By now, you probably understand the benefits of marketing automation. You know marketing automation saves you time, helps you scale your marketing efforts and allows you to measure end-to-end ROI. But do you know where to start?

On the surface, marketing automation is a daunting undertaking:

Persona Story Mapping: Product Planning with Empathy

Frustrated by building and marketing products that just don’t resonate with your customers? You’re not alone. Thousands struggle to build and market products that throw the like switch on for their customers—often not realizing they are misaligned until it is too late.

Building a working model of empathy and understanding with our customers is a worthy endeavor that makes or breaks many companies the world over.

3 Benefits of Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

Marketing Automation is no longer reserved for companies with large budgets and large sales pipelines. Rather, it’s one of the top 5 marketing trends your small business should start right away. These 3 benefits of marketing automation explain why.