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5 Best Email Drip Campaigns for Law Firm Marketing

If you're new to the concept of inbound and lead-based marketing, it's tempting to consider lead generation as the central goal of your efforts. But what happens once those leads enter your database?

Ignoring existing leads can be devastating. Only a fraction of the contacts in your database are actually ready to become your clients, while the majority probably signed up for some interesting content.

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Top 10 Content Marketing Strategies for Biotech

Competing against the industry Goliaths that dominate the health and biotech industries can seem like an impossible task for a company in its infancy.

Fortunately, small businesses and startups can build a competitive edge by combining innovation with an organized content marketing campaign. Small business owners simply need to be aware of the key challenges they face and combat those challenges through a strategic content marketing campaign aimed at health and biotech customers.  

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Top 10 Content Marketing Tips for Your Law Firm

Let's be honest: advertising your legal practice can be difficult to afford. Law-related keywords consistently rank among the most expensive to bid on. Placing a Google ad for the word “attorney,” for example, will set you back almost $50 for every single click to your website.

Fortunately, a number of opportunities exist that allow you to spread the word and increase your credibility without blowing through your budget. Among them, content marketing may be the most effective in helping you gain new clients.

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Will Ad Agencies Switch to Revenue Sharing in the Next 5 Years?

Can you trust your marketing agency?

Consider this question seriously. Every client knows deep down, at the end of the day, your agency is out to make money by working for you.

That conundrum is at the core of many agency-client relationships. It also, as you can probably imagine, prevents both entities from fully trusting each other to achieve the maximum possible results.

It's not a given, though. Browse around, and you will find plenty of symbiotic relationships that can benefit ad agencies and small businesses alike.

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10 Content Marketing Strategies for Professional Services Firms

Content is king. There's no way around it. The sooner businesses accept this and adjust to it, the more successful they will be.

Professional services firms, whether they specialize in accounting, law, or medicine, are beginning to feel the pain of competition. Due to the rise of the internet, consumers no longer have to visit brick and mortar locations to consult with a doctor, architect or consultant. Everything can be done online.

This means no firm has control over a geographic location or a particular demographic.