How To Increase ROI with Value Driven Development

A version of this blog post’s content was originally presented at DrupalCon Asia 2016 in Mumbai and DrupalCamp LA 2016.

What You Need to Know About Performant Marketing

How do you know which marketing strategies and tactics perform well with little investment? How do you know which marketing campaigns will perform better as you fund them further??

As a marketer, small business owner or enterprise CMO,  understanding which campaigns will scale is a constant struggle. Anyone who’s tried to make an idea, product or service catch fire knows marketing and sales are often the toughest puzzles. You need all the pieces to come together with little wasted time or money — even more so as a small business owner or startup marketer.

The Truth About the 50 Best Startup Tools

The truth: Having tools at your fingertips is just the first step toward mastery.

For startup companies, mastery is a matter of experience, experimentation and staying true to your ultimate business goals–focusing on tools that actually move your KPIs forward.

At Facet, we utilize a number of tools and strive to understand how we can pull meaningful data from each one. Our hands have been busy at work, come take a look in our tool shed.

How We Champion Value-Driven Development for

Do you struggle to make development decisions that deliver value for your business? You’re not alone. From small business to enterprise, companies often fail to quantify and qualify projected investments and returns for their product roadmaps. Companies will fear shooting darts in the dark no longer. With our process for quantifying development ROI, learn how to shoot for the bulls-eye.

How to Find The Best Drupal Development Company For You

Finding a well-matched Drupal development company is like betting on a horse.

First you have to understand your own company’s temperament for which kind of race to bet on. Are you looking for a thoroughbred well-suited to the rigor of a sprinting flat race? Or are you looking for a horse who can take you through the steeplechase?