Streamlining Marketing Automation for a Leading SaaS Provider in the HR Industry with Mautic Discovery & Architecture Project

Streamlining Marketing Automation for a Leading SaaS Provider in the HR Industry with Mautic Discovery & Architecture Project


Facet partnered with the client, a leading player in the HR SaaS sector, to optimize their marketing technology strategy for emailing their extensive contact base. Facet conducted a detailed discovery with their onshore and offshore teams, reviewing the various marketing strategies that would be implemented. They also formulated a requirements document for a go-to-market plan for their Mautic implementation, including custom infrastructure architecture for self-hosting at their data center.



  • The client sought to commoditize their email marketing operations to drive higher engagement triggered by user events on their SaaS application.
  • The client faced a choice between implementing a high-cost Marketo solution or reducing overhead by adopting the open-source Mautic for their extensive contact base.
  • Due to exceptional traffic and contact engagement metrics, the Mautic application architecture needed to be implemented with high availability and performance tuning in mind from the onset.


  • Scaling Mautic on-premises requires careful planning. While Facet's experience primarily lies with Mautic Kubernetes, the client needed something well-defined, with costs easily forecasted for their target audience and email lists. 


Mautic Requirements Discovery & Marketing Automation

  • Conducted a deep-dive into the client's existing marketing strategies and systems.
  • Through intensive discussions, strategic business goals, capabilities, and targeted KPI benchmarks for success were understood and documented.
  • Mapped existing capabilities to the Mautic application to plan a seamless transition.
  • Collected traffic sizing and contact counts to determine Mautic server sizing and the appropriate architecture for a highly available system to meet the client’s needs.

Product Planning & Customer Journey Mapping

After meeting with various marketing stakeholders, Facet:

  • Engineered the product roadmap for successful implementation of Mautic, both technically and strategically.
  • Reviewed high-level Epics, development initiatives, and stories tied to the marketing automation pipeline.
  • Documented product requirements for Mautic, with a focus on custom and open-source plugins.
  • Reviewed pre-existing product roadmaps and defined customer journey maps to understand marketing use-cases, implementation strategy, and staffing requirements for Mautic administration.

Infrastructure Discovery

To deploy Mautic on the client’s data center, Facet:

  • Conducted a comprehensive survey of the client's existing infrastructure.
  • Met with technical and budgetary stakeholders to understand current capabilities and potential capital expenditures.
  • Determined a rollout & scaling strategy that would prove equitable with the competitive costs of Marketo.

Mautic Discovery Report

In a final deliverable, Facet presented a Mautic Discovery Report to the client’s executive leadership.

  • Provided an executive summary of the client's marketing automation capabilities, highlighting the benefits and risks of Mautic implementation.
  • Outlined a phased migration strategy to Mautic, aligned with the client's growth initiatives.
  • Defined Mautic requirements, differentiating between open-source and custom Mautic development needs.
  • Scoped Mautic training for pre- and post-deployment stages.

Mautic Load Model

  • Created a load and traffic model to track peak load and resource utilization based on various metrics like website traffic, email sends, etc.

Infrastructure Discovery Report

  • Detailed requirements for Infrastructure Architecture.
  • Provided a comparison of On-Premises capabilities versus recommended capital expenditures for Mautic infrastructure needs.
  • Offered a basic visual topology map of the proposed Mautic deployment.


The comprehensive solution provided a clear roadmap for the client to implement Mautic, modernizing their approach to marketing automation, reducing the cost of communicating with contacts on their SaaS platform, and enabling the client’s technical staff to maintain Mautic after launch. Facet's expertise helped the client plan to streamline their marketing strategies, improve workflow efficiency, and target their KPIs effectively.