Content Marketing

Building Dynamic Conversations with Customers

Approach your customers as you would any personal relationship—first establish a connection, then fortify it with exceptional, uninterrupted dialogue.   

Our content marketing strategies help build relationships by:

  • Building repeatable and continuous conversations with your target audience and key customers.
  • Developing long-term plans to produce a robust repository of content that effectively communicates with your potential customers, current customers, and evangelists.
  • Driving engagement with key personas and orgonzas by generating a cohesive content journey throughout their buying cycle.

We Are Your Content Marketing Coach,
Your Players, Your Team!

Every company needs a powerhouse team and strategy to succeed:

  • You need someone to call the plays to push the team down the field—driving content strategy.
  • You need someone to run the plays—developing content and publishing it.
  • You need coaches on the sidelines to track performance—leveraging data insights to refine the team’s strategies.

What if your roster had all the best players for every situation?

Facet’s experienced content marketing team is ready to play in your starting lineup.

We set up plays that drive your company into the end-zone. Play after play, we make the calls you need to win and blow out your competition.

Content Marketing is Demand Generation

Each customer has a “pain point” they are looking to resolve. Sometimes they know what problems they have and sometimes, as an innovator, you’re introducing a better world for the first time.

Content marketing clearly communicates your value to your customers—generating demand through solving pain points.

With our content marketing strategies, we generate demand for your product/service by:

  • Creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content that attracts and retains an audience.
  • Explaining its value to your assorted buyer personas.
  • Creating segmented communication channels with industry verticals.
  • Giving customers the context they need to see the benefits of your solution.
  • Demonstrating your competitive advantage.
  • Developing a unified voice over multiple digital channels.

Consistent, Repeatable Growth

We build you a custom playbook, backed by our cross-industry experience, to drive dynamic content marketing plays.

In executing and refining your playbook, we magnify the power of your communications using data insights.

Data insights allow us to:

  • Track reverse content conversion – Through an attribution model, we examine which pieces of content site visitors touch the most and the least.
  • Measure engagement – We detail which pieces of content lead to an action, then define what that action is, as well as what caused it to occur.  
  • Map keyword usage – Long-tail keywords are more specific than a standard search. We map these keywords to help you draw consumers who are serious about closing.  
  • Leverage consumer surveys – We take consumer surveys and analyze them in order to better understand the needs of both your current customers and potential customers.

Benefits of Our Content Marketing Strategies

  • Speak directly to your consumers - We help you speak to your customers in their language and on their terms.
  • Rank on search engines - Search engines will reward you for your high-quality, consistent content.
  • Increased brand awareness - Your brand will  be top of mind when a consumer considers your product/service.
  • Increased brand preference - Over time, brand awareness leads to brand preference.
  • Boost sales - Segmented communication channels will reach more qualified leads and interested buyers.  
  • Save time - We save you time by using data insights to focus your content pieces.
  • Strong keyword choices - The right keyword choices place your product/service before the consumer.
  • Drive consumer action - We focus on your targeted niches and deliver the context that allows those customers to buy.