Technology Was Created to Solve Problems

The thing is, now it feels like technology is the problem. A cost center that can become a black box of budget. Most businesses buy into the more, better, faster methodology because who doesn't? As a business you want to be hitting peak satisfaction, performance, and profitability across your entire company as often as possible or you and your teams are trying to get there.

Bottom line: Technology should support and drive the rest of your business.

We have over 10 years experience in the IT industry supporting clients and we’ve been the team to right the ship and provide stability. We get called when there are fires and we put them out — especially when other companies can’t deliver. 

We hear some interesting stories:

  • Clients locked out of their own networks
  • No communication from IT for weeks with no project updates
  • Projects and budgets are an unrealized reality
  • Critical, repeated outages during the work day
  • We need to become“PII/PCI/HIPPA/SOCII” compliant and our provider won't touch it
  • All our systems are custom built and issued by our provider
  • Our employees don’t or refuse to use a solution because it is too complicated
  • We pay a fee to use our MSP’s hardware and software
  • Our IT service wants to be on-site only

That is why our team is built to better bend technology to your needs. We’ve solved these problems for ourselves and our customers.

Managed Services vs. Break/Fix

You may have played the reactive break/fix game for a long time. An outage or failure and is always a fire because… well it is a problem RIGHT NOW and it HURTS. Money is going out the door because key team members can't complete their work.

The Pain in Always Reacting

Predicting changes is how you stay ahead of obstacles before they become a pain point for your business. You either predict and have some control over the impacts to your business or you react and you try to minimize the pain as it happens. We like to avoid pain, it costs businesses time and money.


This isn't to say that planning is always perfect, but it helps significantly reduce the impact of problems on your business. That means more team time focused on the business and less on troubleshooting why they can't sent a crucial email.


The biggest and most painful problems are ones that require logistics, hardware, and approvals on short notice — say a computer hard drive that has been reporting errors for months and has finally given out. That small computer hard drive that you thought wasn't going to be a large amount of work ends up becoming a project that takes a few days and takes a team member offline. They move to a personal device that may or may not be as secure as your company-provided hardware and now you have company files that you don't have control over. Eventually you end up with a large number of small or annoying problems that could otherwise have been solved by reviewing and preparing replacements for hardware in advance — death by the proverbial thousand cuts.


Managed Services for Profitability

The fastest way to burn out a team is to make getting value generating work done harder. Less value driving work means less money in the door.

Facet's goal is simple: learn your systems, identify and mitigate potential points of failure, and multiply your team's value.

This is the way we approach everything from IT Managed Services to Enterprise Web Development. You get to leverage all our experience across all disciplines — we are involved as much or as little as you need us to be for success. 


Keep in mind we’ve worked hard to move clients away from break/fix because IT isn’t plumbing, a worn out spark plug, or a widget you buy once. IT infrastructure is a work multiplying investment for a team. Sales, marketing, ops, logistics, and pretty much all aspects of your business rely on IT systems and function best when IT is handled as an evolving layer of business enablement. Most direct — businesses try to predict changes to the market to stay ahead of competition and grow revenue; Managed Services accomplishes that for your IT systems. That means Managed Services are a better short, medium, and long term play.


Facet's Value-Driven Approach

The way that facet approaches servicing Partners is not unique in the way that we use tools and processes to ensure that we are delivering quality services, but in the way that we approach understanding your business. We are not just a service provider. We are a partner looking to build value with you. We only recommend solutions once they have been evaluated for their value generating potential.

Facet also understands that we're not necessarily the linchpin for every project. There are a number of stakeholders that are involved for every initiative whether that's other individuals within your IT Department, other Senior Management or other employees or departments, we are working to enable your company. We've worked hand-in-hand with marketing teams operations and Logistics to qualify support and projects that assist those departments in their success and have made recommendations for other Technologies that further enhance other departments workflows that are  often unique and pulled from years of experience with other clients and partners.

Getting Started with Facet's IT Managed Services

Getting started with Facet is easy. The first thing we work with you on is an evaluation and audit of your existing infrastructure and processes. This follows our usual technical discovery process where we work with you and your team to identify potential initiatives and projects for later discussion.

After the technical discovery with your team we should have a good understanding of what tasks need to be accomplished short-term and what tasks we can plan for in the future, and determine if budget allocation is necessary.

Ready for Managed Growth?