Progressively automate your operations.

At Facet, we will work with you to map process workflows, identify areas for improvement, and introduce the appropriate technologies on an agile basis to progressively automate your operations. Our goal is to provide stable, economical growth engines that prove value month-over-month—resulting in positive end-of-year reporting for your bottom line.


Operationalize business health insights.

  • Finances, risk, and management analytics - Facet will help you set up key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards for financial, risk reduction, and management tasks. Our goal is to give you daily insights into typically opaque workflows with notifications when KPIs spike too high or dip too low.

  • Analytics for business process throughput - With business processes digitally integrated, we can provide analytics on the throughput of your team. Manage operations with software and soon you’ll gain the insights on your staff’s performance.


Tools to expand throughput & integrate delivery.

  • Delivery through integrated process management - With the power of software management for your team’s operations, we can integrate with email systems, ERP, CRM, & more to facilitate end-to-end fulfillment integration. Whether you’re a professional services company or a product company, an assessment of your tooling will result in incremental technology integrations to reduce overhead and improve the quality of delivery.

  • Improve delivery confidence & quality - Build trust between your customers and your company by increasing the quality of delivery with software for your operations teams. Support your team with integrated best practices, routines, and business processes that document issue response.


Versioned process management & incremental improvements.

  • Encode the DNA of your business in your process management system - Facet will work with you to document your business processes in a version controlled, digital repository. Whether a software application or an integrated document management solution, version control will give you change history and the ability to attribute performance shifts to changes in operational processes.

  • Process for improvement - With a version controlled process management system, you can tweak your business processes and deploy with confidence. Your team will deliver a stellar customer experience every time, and when the process isn’t great—have a path towards collecting and submitting feedback to further refine the process.

  • Avoid the costs of training and retraining with company-wide process management - With a digital process management system, reduce the cost of operational retraining by creating a single source of truth. Version controlled process management allows for iterative review of process changes, making it easy to adjust course for your entire team as long as they are all using the same source for processes.


Automate operations to increase profit.

  • Reduce management time and cut overhead costs - Integrated automation means your team can do more with less time. Make delivery of services and operations automated and enjoy the reduced cost of maintenance for your internal management.

  • Automated updates across the company - Creating a system to automatically update processes across the company allows you to fine-tune and tweak your business operations for maximum performance. Shorten the feedback loop and empower your team members to contribute to process improvement ideas in order to gain incremental growth from iterative changes year-over-year.