Who is a Good Fit for Mautic?

You’ve recently learned about the benefits of marketing automation. You explored a few different marketing automation solutions, but before you pick one, you need to answer one of the most important questions: is this solution a good fit?

Often this question is difficult to answer without trying out the product, but by then you’ve made the commitment, and have likely locked yourself into an agreement — so it helps to get advice from someone who has experience with the platform.

We’ve written at length about how Mautic is a great solution for small businesses looking to get their feet wet with marketing automation, and part of the reason is because there is no real commitment up front. It’s absolutely free and open for anyone to use.

However, even investing the time it takes to set up a new system, only to find out it’s not the right fit, can be a waste of resources for a small team.

In an effort to help you waste less time and fewer resources, we’re here to help you determine if Mautic is a good fit for your small business.

Who Can Benefit from Mautic?

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from using an open-source marketing automation system such as Mautic, and that includes:

Small and Medium-sized businesses who have enough cash flow and resources to execute the initial setup and maintenance of the platform. Teams who are flexible and willing to spend some time configuring Mautic will have an easier time, otherwise it’s best for these businesses to seek an agency partner who can set Mautic up for them.


Small and Medium-sized enterprises who need to empower their marketing team with advanced marketing automation features, but don’t want the large overhead or costs often associated with the big names in marketing automation. The fact Mautic has no monthly or annual cost is a big pull for these businesses.


Large enterprises who need to own their data — whether that’s because of an industry regulation or internal reason. These teams often feel empowered by the fact they can bring all of the data gathered from Mautic into a data warehouse and use machine-learning to identify key opportunities.

  • Example: Mautic allows biotech marketers to create more precise, personalized and valuable marketing messaging than ever before.

While each of these business categories may have different needs from a marketing automation solution, Mautic is flexible enough to work for all of them — use the features you need, and ignore the features you don’t. Nothing costs extra, so you’re free to experiment with features you may not have had a need for previously, but now want to explore.

A Bonus for Enterprises: Mautic is open-source, so if you identify a need within your business that Mautic doesn’t currently service, and you have the resources, you can dedicate a team to developing those features within Mautic. You’ll not only make the platform better for your team, but you’ll contribute to the community at large.

How Do I know Which Marketing Automation Platform WIll Work for My Business?

Mautic's dashboard

Mautic's Analytics Dashboard

Determining which marketing automation platform is the best fit for your small business is a matter of answering and asking the right questions.

Throughout your search for a marketing automation solution, keep the following questions in mind:

  • What features do we need to execute our strategies — landing pages, triggers and event-based email sending, a built-in CRM?
  • What’s our price range?
  • What kind of data would we like from the platform, and do we want to own it?

They’re basic questions to answer, but depending on your answers, they’ll narrow down the playing field quite a bit.

The other key is asking those knowledgeable about the marketing automation platform plenty of your own questions.

If you’re able to get on a demo of the system, that’s a great place to ask your questions. Or, in Mautic’s case, join the community forum or Slack team to ask users of their experience directly. They’ll likely have plenty of answers for you and will be there to support you, should you decide to try out the solution.

Ultimately, it’s important to stay true to your business goals and select the platform that best allows you to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.