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2 Essential Discovery Strategies

Clients and partners often ask us: What’s your workflow for Discovery? How do you determine the best approach to a specific project?

We tailor our approach for each project, all while using overarching principles to based on complexity. The two-pronged approach is akin to sizing up your opponent as either a David or a Goliath.

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Navigating Navigation Architecture in Higher Education

AKA “How to Organize Your Menus” for Universities without an Intranet Site


Let’s start with a scenario:

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Drupal Discovery Game Plan

When building a game plan for discovery, you may have a fairly strong process in place with a series of elicitation, analysis, and specification techniques. You might even use a requirements engineering tool in order to model and map these requirements as the project evolves. Assuming that you have a basic understanding of this process, let's discuss a unique perspective in order tackle the process of requirements gathering in a new way.