Web Development

Front-End Development and Theming

At Facet we assist in-house design teams and specialized design agencies bring the vision of their website to life. From hosted eCommerce solutions, to power-house Drupal responsive theming, we have run the gauntlet from small to enterprise clients.

We Specialize in Disaster Project Recovery

Have you been left high and dry by your previous web developer with no one to turn to except your third cousin who always laughs uncomfortably? Well look no further—your pocket-protector alternative savior is here to save the day!

We pride ourselves on cutting the fat from developer-speak and focus on delivering communication channels that are layman and actionable for you, the business owner. Web development isn’t so much a demonstration of brain prowess as it is a lithe balancing act between business needs and developer know how.

Swiss Army Developer

Selecting the right tool for a job seems like an obvious principle for most web agencies. We wish it were so. Unfortunately, most companies will push for the solutions that leverage their skill sets instead of taking an approach that finds best company-solution fit—leaving you to figure out for yourself if the proposed solution is right for you.

At Facet we don’t subscribe to this philosophy.

If we think there is a better solution on the market for you elsewhere, we’ll help you research and select a partner to best execute it. At the end of the day, our projects are about supporting your growth—and sometimes the best way to do that is simply by helping you start on the right path.

Let's Talk About Your Vision