Web Development

Build and iterate on your technologies quickly.

At Facet, whether your technology includes Drupal, Laravel, Django, WordPress, or another tech stack, we start with a Development Foundations Assessment. We review your current website or web application for code, documentation, devops / deployment, quality assurance, and configuration management best practices. With Drupal in particular, our assessment process is quite extensive after having worked with companies ranging from Drupal deployed as custom web applications to Quantcast Top 50 media publishing sites. Our assessments identify a backlog of foundational development tasks recommended to reset your web platform’s foundations for growth. We maximize technology’s business value through reducing costs of iterative deployments, providing infrastructure stability to development practices, and holistically elevating developer operations with clearer documentation and communication of the desired architecture to team members.


Product performance analysis is the first step.

  • Full stack performance monitoring - We begin by evaluating the current performance monitoring stack and identifying gaps in visibility for production performance.  This monitoring is necessary to gain the best insights into performance, especially when adopting faulty foundations—we want to be sure we can identify how deep the cracks in the foundation go.

  • Contextualize product performance on each web feature - We help you pick the correct metrics for web platform performance insights by attaching clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to each piece of your site’s functionality. We set up analytics tools to measure throughput of your web funnels and web transactions, measuring customer acquisitions, orders, page views, and more. All metrics are carefully considered and localized around the focus areas of your business’ service areas or product offerings.

  • Maximize ROI - With each new set of features developed for your site, it is important to associate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and their performance with ROI. Each new feature developed is an opportunity to learn about the behavior of your target customers and drive more engagement. We help teams acquire learnings, and  supply actionable feedback to product managers to iterate and drive growth.


Development tools to increase the quality of delivery.

  • Dev tools to get more quality for less money - With automated QA testing, such as functional, unit, or visual regression testing, we can more easily elevate the quality of output from individual developers without additional QA resource overhead. Simply invest in the correct infrastructure, test early and often, and grow your testing portfolio as your budget allows (or as errors encourage you).

  • Integrated development output - Integration to various Slack channels, notifications to client decision makers, and a qualified Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline all bring the team closer together. Facet will re-engineer your organization to make sure team members are notified of performance changes, releases, and bugs in a timely manner, in a common tool. Stakeholders only ever need to be informed per the workflows that we develop and qualify to prevent  needless notifications and keep teams laser focused.

  • Technology topology and maintainability - Facet will review your stack to make sure you’re leveraging best in class technologies, third-party services, and configurations as we optimize your platform for maximum business output, minimized support costs, and set your company’s foundation for further growth.


Web development processes to maximize business value output.

  • Value-driven development - To drive the best ideas to market, the most quickly—we must have a strong process in place to qualify and prioritize the best ideas, and disqualify and prune the worst ideas. To determine priority, we evaluate our ability to measure the successful launch of a new feature against the cost of building and deploying the new feature. Initial setup and maintenance costs are evaluated including the scope of development and other business functions to keep the new feature operational. After all, you can’t build a new system without paying people to manage it! The end result is qualified initiatives float to the top and the rest are quickly sifted out.

  • Development team throughput is critical - We know that every company has a budget before work even begins. That’s why it’s important we set up the right tools to ensure the measurement of throughput of development tasks, and the business value delivered to the company. Value-driven development helps with priority, and later measuring the throughput of the development team not only in complexity of development tasks delivered, but also in estimated business value delivered.

  • Transparent performance for leadership - Even as we assess faulty web platforms and begin refactoring, it’s critical to quantify and report on the business value or risk averted over time. This provides the best insights of development team performance to leadership in quantifiable measurement.


Automation—increase quality, throughput, and scale!

  • Interface automatically with internal departments - Once your platform has been optimized for growth, we begin to introduce automation to your marketing, sales, and operations teams. Driving more results through your web platform means more work for everyone, but it doesn’t need to be a burden! We introduce the correct amounts of integration and automate as you grow.

Manage your feedback loop for learnings - Automation empowers growth, but without the Analytics foundations we set up earlier, we can’t learn from new features we roll out! We work with you to make sure the performance is automatically collected, organized, and surfaced for stakeholders to review and tweak strategies.

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