Facet Interactive Named Top Digital Transformation Firm by CIO Review 2021

It is with great pride that we share our recent feature in CIO Review: Facet Interactive named Top Digital Transformation Firm

Facet has delivered digital transformation services ad-hoc for our partners for years. Our commitment to holistic analysis of client business operations, processes, and strategies has naturally led us towards this service offering. While our focus has been primarily in digital transformation of organizations around web application, media publishing, and IT systems — our scope of recommendations often extends out into business process management, change management, Organizational engineering / restructuring, and recurring process automation.

As with all technology firms focusing on enabling their customers, we aim to maximize the opportunity that software gives us: to simplify operations, minimize costs, and maximize scale. Our deep technical experience often leads us towards technical solutions, however our specialty is in marrying the organizations latent talents with new opportunities through restructuring teams around improved technology workflows.

As of 2021, Facet focuses primarily on digital transformation in insurance services, higher education, and integrated revenue (sales and marketing) teams—however we're looking forward to expanding this offering in the future.

Read more in our feature and reach out to us to discuss how we can take your organization into the future by assessing your digital foundations.