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Announcing Mautic Helm Charts & K8s Distribution

Facet is proud to announce the open sourcing of our Mautic K8s distribution complete with helm 3 charts, infrastructure configuration, composer-based deployment workflow, and GitLab CI/CD management.

Facet's open sourcing of mautic-k8s represents a year of investment into solving high availability, site reliability, and scalability issues for our enterprise clients.

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Why Enterprises Choose Mautic Kubernetes (K8s)

With our recent publication of the mautic-k8s helm charts and distribution, I think it's important to address the elephant in the room:

Why are enterprises choosing Mautic K8s?

It's simple. Usually by the time customers come to us they already:

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Marketing Automation Information Architecture: Properties, Segments, Categories

Configuring your marketing automation suite with the right architecture is a matter of organizing your metadata in the right way to maximize insights, stratify segments, and build towards the pinnacle: personalized communications and engagement management.

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Inaugural MautiCon 2020: Facet is Gold Sponsor and High Availability Mautic Expert

Facet is proud to sponsor MautiCon 2020 in the inaugural meeting of Mautic professionals and users. 

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Facet's Drupal 7 Best Practices Checklist

Drupal 7 best practices to speed up your development workflow, reduce risk, and optimize your total cost of ownership for maintaining Drupal.