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Leveraging Slack Attachments via Webhooks with PHP

The year of 2016 is a year of continuous integration. At Facet, we have some initiatives in order to drive more visibility with our development team, surface sales pipelines, and also gain timely insights to our client's marketing campaigns. Webhooks are quickly becoming pervasive throughout many platforms online, and finally this week I had the opportunity to take a look at one of our targeted Webhooks in Pantheon's Quicksilver platform hook system. 

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How To Set Up Pantheon Quicksilver Notifications for Slack

You’re right, this isn’t rocket science, and Pantheon’s Quicksilver documentation is pretty damn good.

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How to Escape Hidden Pitfalls with Agile Discovery

A discovery workshop is a waterfall step used as an exercise in measuring uncertainties. Value driven development is the future.

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Discovery 101: Common Terms in Discovery Workshops

Common terms used in Discovery workshops for requirements engineering.

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5 Steps for Crafting Engagement Strategy in Discovery

The role of marketers is changing, and has been for a while. In the past, communications were the focus—now, top CMOs will tell you that marketing is all about engagement. When considering a new site build, you might have stakeholders from as little as 2 to as many as 100 different departments all asking for their features to be built into the new website—and you have to manage and deliver on their expectations.

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9 Steps for Discovery Workflow

Since discovery workflow varies based on the complexity of your project, check to see whether your project is a David or a Goliath before getting started.

Once you’ve identified and sized-up your project, your discovery process strategy can come to life. The [breakpoints] detailed below will help you to identify the difference between tactics targeted for David or Goliath in the following steps.

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2 Essential Discovery Strategies

Clients and partners often ask us: What’s your workflow for Discovery? How do you determine the best approach to a specific project?

We tailor our approach for each project, all while using overarching principles to based on complexity. The two-pronged approach is akin to sizing up your opponent as either a David or a Goliath.

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Navigating Navigation Architecture in Higher Education

AKA “How to Organize Your Menus” for Universities without an Intranet Site


Let’s start with a scenario:

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Drupal Discovery Game Plan

When building a game plan for discovery, you may have a fairly strong process in place with a series of elicitation, analysis, and specification techniques. You might even use a requirements engineering tool in order to model and map these requirements as the project evolves. Assuming that you have a basic understanding of this process, let's discuss a unique perspective in order tackle the process of requirements gathering in a new way.